Valery Shchekoldin

Born in 1946, Nizhny Novgorod.

Lives and works in Moscow.

1950-1980 lived in Ulyanovsk, served in the army and became a freelance photographer. 

1980-1995 lived in different cities of Russia, from 1985 to 1995 - in Yaroslavl Zalesskiy. 

1997 'The best photographer of Russia' - 'Paris Match', 'Best photo series, the' - 'Interphoto-96'

1998 'Photographer of the Year' – Photo editors club of Germany, 1 st place, 

Daily life, photo series - 'Interphoto-97'

1999 'The best Photo of the year.' - 'Interphoto-98',
'Award for humanistic attitude in photography' - Institute of Humanitarian Studies, Frankfurt, Germany, 'Best photo series in the journal' - Photo editors club of Germany

Personal exhibitions:

1987 'The Moment of Truth', Ulyanovsk, Regional Arts Fund
1991 'The hidden man', Moscow, Photo Center
1994 'The word victory - the root of trouble', dedicated to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow, Photo Center
1997 'Pictures', Moscow, gallery 'Russian field'
1998 'Ulyanovsk', Moscow, New Manege (within Photobienalle-98)
He was taking pictures in different cities of Russia and Soviet Union, in Chechnya and other “hotspots”
His characters - the old people, youth, children from orphanages and youth from the correctional colonies, people in prisons and retirement homes’ residents, farmers, workers, bohemians. 
His photographs were published in journals '’Soviet woman’', 'Ogonek', 'worker', 'Peasant', 'Family and School', 'Motherland'.

"When one remembers the past, it had long gone nowhere, it seems larger, clearer and more significant still is not cooled yesterday. Old Photos approximate half-forgotten faces, long-standing event. Staring at them, move in a silver car at the time by accident and was depicted in passing time and once again facing him. Because of this history is seen in reverse perspective: that previously seemed insignificant, is of crucial importance, but that it seemed important and indestructible, crumbles to dust.

 When I did my series of shots of darling billboards and foolish political propaganda, to which could not be treated seriously, but which, however, did her stupid thing, I realized that it must be treated with humor. Then I thought to myself direction: "Sotskretinizm" - and began to consistently identify the absurdity of the system. When the pictures had accumulated enough, I thought it would be nice to publish a book with the modest title "The Art of degeneracy. But then passed terry Soviet times: just died, Brezhnev and Andropov was still alive - no thaw was not forthcoming, on the contrary, the system tried to tighten up the nuts. Who knows what would have turned out, lived a few years Andropov. So what about the book I thought, too, with humor, and continued to accumulate between the case material. Now this time is history, but history has a strange habit of repeating itself. I do not know how anyone, but I like to reread old books, review old photos and was transported back to the old days" 

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